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‘I am a worm’ and other tips about writing and thinking for a PhD

“Most days you think ‘I am a worm’. This is the natural state of the researcher”. With these words Professor Simon Peyton Jones, in his brilliant and comforting lecture about how to write well in academia, lifted a weight from my newbie-PhD shoulders which had been severely hampering my enthusiasm to put fingers to keyboard and actually start writing – rather than just reading – stuff. I breathed a sigh of relief that I am not alone in my feelings of awe and lowliness in the vast lawn (permaculture?) of academia, or in my fear of being eaten alive by blackbirds….

In this 2-part blog post I hope to impart a few nuggets from Professor Peyton Jones and others about writing and thinking for a PhD that I have found useful. They proved mini eureka moments for me and have helped me to go about my wormly burrowing and decomposing with a little more confidence! Continue reading