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Women Dancing 2017

This was post was originally published in March 2017 by the (now unfortunately ceased) Swansea News Network.


To the walker on the beach, who frowned in bewilderment as you navigated your way through an incoming tide of women dancing on Caswell beach at 6.30am last Sunday morning: our apologies, I know it was quite a sight, and you probably hadn’t had a cup of tea yet. I hadn’t either.

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What can words do?

~~~Hello and Happy New Year, despite it starting rather unhappily with news of shocking events in France and Nigeria reaching our screens of late.  In light of the outpouring of written and spoken commentary on these events it seemed relevant to publish this blog post now, although I wrote it back in December.  It describes my recent experiences at a workshop about Non Violent Communication (NVC), and although what follows is specifically about language and environment it struck me that the overall aims and principles of NVC are apt at the moment. Above all the method stresses the value of using language in ways which create space to contemplate the whole rather than forcing debates into the kinds of binary thinking which ultimately insults people’s ability to understand and live in a complex world.   If the world seems a bit inhumane recently,  NVC teaches that words can be small but mighty ways of regaining and sharing some humanity, if we use them wisely. ~~~



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