Anna Pigott

Environmental writer and researcher


My PhD began in October 2013 at Swansea University in Wales, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.  I am supervised by Professor Dave Clarke and Dr Amanda Rogers.  At present my research proposal is to explore how ideas and imaginations of the future are produced, represented and circulated, and what this might mean for engagement with global environmental issues.  Imagination and the ability to ‘tell stories’ about the futures we want are deemed an important step in actually manifesting those futures, both individually and collectively.  In light of  environmental challenges which will inevitably demand social change, pressing questions are ‘what futures are we imagining?’ and ‘where will they take us?’.  I will be using Wales as a case study because its government has particularly strong commitments to sustainability and one of the ways in which it tries to engage with the public on sustainability issues is through the discourse of responsibility to future generations (its ‘Future Generations Bill’ will be introduced in summer 2014).  This provides a novel opportunity to study the relationships between emerging ‘utopic narratives’ and public conciousness.


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