Anna Pigott

Researching, writing and learning in an Environmental Humanities-kind-of-way


Hi, I’m Anna, a soon-to-be research fellow in Environmental Humanities at Swansea University. Blogging seems like a good way to sift through some ideas and force myself to WRITE, with the added incentive that it might actually be read! I am currently rather taken with the notion of the ‘ecology of the imaginary’ — which describes how our perceptions of the world we inhabit are determined by the ecology of ideas we have access to. The western/capitalist/neocolonial ecology is, I would argue, awash with terrible ideas about how to live. It is an ecology in crisis. I hope that I can, in the tiniest of ways, contribute to a resurgence of better ideas by learning, writing, thinking, and talking about them.

I did an undergraduate degree in Geography, although it has been a convoluted path which took me from a dissertation in volcanology in 2007 to a PhD in human geography in 2018! Along the way I have worked as a Geography field studies tutor and outdoor activities organiser in Dorset, Shetland and Italy, a media intern for Green Futures magazine at Forum for the Future and was a ‘Sustainable Behaviour Assistant’ in Swansea University’s Sustainability Team.   An MSc in Climate Change and Environmental Dynamics at Swansea in 2012 really drove home for me the enormity of climate change and all its crazy entanglements with, well, life, and compelled me to dip my toes into the world of social and cultural geography. I haven’t looked back since!

When I’m not agonising about what to write in a section about myself, I enjoy climbing, the sea, growing some vegetables, dreaming about building my own tiny eco house and making stuff out of old stuff.  I know, predictable…

Thanks for reading, please get in touch!



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  1. You really have to read the Hitchhikers Guide 🙂

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