Extinction Rebellion’s “regenerative culture” could be just as revolutionary as its demands

Amidst the arrests and its bold demands, Extinction Rebellion’s (XR) core value of “regenerative culture” rarely gets coverage in the media despite it being, as one speaker during a People’s Assembly last Easter weekend put it, “the mycelium holding it all together”. I arrived in London during XR’s two weeks of rebellion feeling that I... Continue Reading →


Climate change: six positive news stories you probably missed in 2018

Climate change news can be incredibly depressing. In 2018 alone, The Conversation covered the loss of three trillion tonnes of ice in Antarctica; Brazil’s new president and why he will be disastrous for the Amazon rainforest; a rise in global CO₂ emissions; and a major IPCC report which warned we are unlikely to avoid 1.5℃... Continue Reading →

Women Dancing 2017

To the walker on the beach, who frowned in bewilderment as you navigated your way through an incoming tide of women dancing on Caswell beach at 6.30am last Sunday morning: our apologies, I know it was quite a sight, and you probably hadn’t had a cup of tea yet. I hadn’t either. What you were... Continue Reading →

Three futures in one day

On a recent Thursday, I attended three separate events in south Wales, each one with a different spin on sustainability and the future. The first one took me to the tiny village of Tairgwaith in the Amman Valley for a Stories of Change workshop. You can read more about the great Stories of Change Project here but to... Continue Reading →

Hidden Humanities?

I just came across this article in the Guardian - it really struck a chord with me and I thought it was worth sharing! In the article, author Gretchen Busl believes that research in the humanities can be "ground-breaking, life-changing" and yet, often, is ignored.  She argues that humanities research explores all sorts of important issues of... Continue Reading →

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